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How to be a better christian husband to my wife

It affects every area of our lives.

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One of the primary jobs of a husband, according to the Bible, is to love his wife as Christ loved the church Ephesians ff. While there are other things involved, I believe this responsibility is critical for any Christian husband to follow. Yet this calling has a web of nuances and applications that span many different aspects of the marriage. How is a husband supposed to love his wife? Sacrificially, yes.

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The truth is Marriage is hard and certain seasons of Marriage are harder than others but there is hope. There are at least 14 characteristics of a godly wife which is really just a godly woman that will save your marriage even if you are fighting alone.

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Today we will talk through them and work out a plan of action to incorporate them into your everyday life. Are you ready? What is a godly wife? Maybe you searched for Christian wife and found this, no worries. Often Christian is a title we pull out at our convenience rather than a heart change toward true discipleship.

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A Godly wife is a godly woman, committed to a life following after Jesus which le to a godly marriage. Have you ever wondered how to be a godly woman in our busy culture?

How to be a better christian wife

You are so not alone! Take a deep breath. A godly woman is not a perfect woman. Thank goodness God never asks for perfection of us. Instead of looking for a perfect woman, God requires women who seek Him with all our heart. Read the Bible.

Really work through the scriptures until God speaks to you. Not only does a godly wife read her bible but she prays. She prays until something happens and then prays more just to praise God for moving. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal, sweet Christian Wife, to save your Marriage. God is powerful. Prayer puts that power at your disposal. There is more power when you add scripture into your prayer strategy Maybe use this Proverbs 31 Prayer to help you get started. If you add a time of fasting to prayer you have a Powerhouse that will change your life!

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. If you are reading your bible, God is convicting you of sin.

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Confessing sin is one of many disciplines of a godly woman. Stay confessed up, seeking to live in righteousness so that God will hear and answer your prayers. Biblical love in marriage is very different from what we see on TV.

God teaches us a way to love that is a choice you make as a godly wife every day and changed the whole direction of our marriage. We see a glimpse of it in this 1 Corinthians 13 summary or word study. Forgiveness is a cornerstone piece of the Christian faith. As a disciple of Christ, we are told, point-blank to forgive others whether they apologize or not whether they deserve it or not.

Selflessness is all about knowing what my desires in life are and refusing to allow my preferences to get in the way of reaching them. I want my husband to stand up and lead our home with wisdom and confidence.

Five ways for a christian husband to show love to his wife

My goal in marriage my prayer for my marriage is a husband who le. On the other hand, I prefer to be in control and manage things so they get done my way. Something I find remarkable about the characteristics of a Proverbs 31 Woman is that she le and submits.

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The truth is that what we think about is what we talk about. When you begin taking control of your thoughts you begin improving communication as a godly wife!

How to be a good wife (in god’s eyes)

What is godly thinking? Need help learning how to think like Philippianscheck out this word study to get you started. Many times Christian wives feel they are fighting for their marriage alone when the lines of Communication are down. If that sounds like you, godly wife, I would suggest a day Words of Affirmation Challenge to help you decrease Marital strife. For days you commit to no negative words. No nagging, suggesting, hinting, correcting, clarifying, talking over, giving your perspective, helping him see things the right way — zero negative words.

Instead, speak 2 to 3 words of appreciation and admiration to him each day and watch the lines of communication begin to open! Find 30 Words of Affirmation and a more detailed tutorial on how to speak words of affirmation to your Husband here. God says the husband is to lead the home but that does not mean the wife is less than, unimportant or subordinate.

14 characteristics of a godly wife that will save your marriage

A godly wife can be a godly leader! Yes, you read that correctly. A Biblical wife is a leader. It takes much more leadership to step back and let your husband lead the home than many people realize. Leading the home does not make your husband the head honcho in charge of everything nor does it make you a door mat for him to walk all over. A strong woman can lead in her strengths, allowing her husband to lead from his strengths. Both can lead in harmony while supporting each other. The key is supporting each other rather than attacking each other.

6 tips for being a godly husband

Much in the same way Jesus was a leader while God was the head a wife can lead while the husband is the head. If you are laughing out loud right now the club but know that understanding men is not impossible. Men and women understand life completely differently. When you, as a godly wife, take the time to learn how men understand things you take a huge step in saving your marriage! Godly wife, Respect your husband. It is a command God gives wives without a loophole. Christian wife, respect your husband.

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If you read the entire book of Ephesians you see that we are actually supposed to respect everyone but where women and men are concerned the trouble goes back to understanding men. Men understand respect differently. The key is to understand what your husband sees as respectful and disrespectful and work from there. Setting Biblical priorities for a busy life requires intentionally. We have to fight the current of the culture to keep our priorities straight.

Can you relate? No matter how much I want to love God first, prioritize my marriage second and raise godly kids after that, they get all mixed up. You need a reset button every few months to check in with God and fix your priorities. No guilt allowed godly wife.

Just check in with God and fix what got out of line. The world around us does marriage one way, focusing on emotional love and unrealistic expectations. A Biblical wife is characterized by perseverance. Will you stand for and fight for your marriage no matter what comes? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part? There are seasons where Marriage is hard and in those hard seasons you need perseverance, sweet godly wife! Take heart, not all seasons of Marriage are hard.

7 ways a christian husband cherishes his wife

If you continue to seek God, pray, develop a godly character you can know what Hope and Joy are. He is a God of Hope and He is yours, holding you, fighting for you and working all things together for your good. Hold onto that Hope. He is a God of Joy in fact, the Joy of the Lord lives in your very heart.

10 principles for christian husbands & fathers

In conclusion, I would like to clearly say that none of these 14 characters of a godly wife will ensure a perfect Marriage. You are both flawed human beings. Anytime two sinners live under the same roof there are bound to be disagreements, clashes, and bruised egos.

No, this is not a magic formula for a marriage without problems.